4 Awesome Water-based Activities to Keep You Cool on Your Summer Holiday

When the hot weather arrives in the summer, whether you stay home or go away, it’s both a blessing and a curse. It’s much better than cold, wind or rain, but it can be suffocating when it’s too warm. What you need is ways to keep cool, and one of the best methods has to be spending time in and on water. There are so many fun water-based activities you can do during the summer and hundreds of excellent destinations you can do them in. If you want to have a wet and wild summer, try some of these amazing watersports, from skiing to sailing.

Sailing and Yachting

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Sailing can be something you do for a few hours or something you do for several days. You could have a quick session to learn the ropes, or you could join a sailing trip for a more involved holiday. Don’t worry if you don’t have any sailing experience, because you can go with an experienced skipper. There are lots of popular destinations for sailing, but many people love to go around the Mediterranean and further towards Croatia, Greece and even Turkey. It’s a fun activity to enjoy as a family, and you can do lots of other things along the way.

Water Skiing

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If you’re looking for something a bit more thrilling, water skiing is a lot of fun for all ages. While adults and older children and teenagers can stand up on their skis, there are options for little ones too. Look for ski tubes for sale so that your kids can join in on the fun too. Using the inflatable tubes, they can sit on the water and be pulled along. They can hold onto the handles to keep them in the seat as they bounce along. And, of course, adults can have plenty of fun with them too.

Snorkelling and Diving

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If you love swimming, take it to the next level and go snorkelling or diving instead. If you want to dive, you can take a course to learn how and build your confidence in the water. There are so many beautiful places to snorkel and dive all over the world, including the famous Great Barrier Reef. Some of the destinations that people love most include Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa and many other stunning places. If you learn to dive, it’s a skill that you can take all over the world.

Kayaking and Canoeing


Anyone who would rather be on the water than in it might enjoy getting in a kayak or canoe. Like lots of other activities, you could do it for a few hours, or you could go on a longer tour for several days. You can have a lot of fun, either on a leisurely paddle or a wilder white water adventure. Older children can kayak, and canoes are perfect for taking smaller ones and even your four-legged friend along with you. You can paddle anywhere from Britain’s rivers to the coast of Italy or the Norwegian fjords.

There are lots of different water sports you can enjoy this summer. There’s no need to suffer in the heat when you can cool off in the water.

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