3 Must-See Attractions When Visiting Thailand

Thailand has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination over recent years, and considering just how beautiful the country is, it’s not hard to see why. But if you’re yet to visit Thailand, or are planning a holiday there as we speak, then this post is here to help. Because we’ve compiled a list of must-do activities to help ensure that you experience as much of Thailand as possible.

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1. Ayutthaya

The remains of this breathtaking city stand as a symbolic reminder of Thailand’s great wealth and rich cultural heritage. Because of its location, Ayutthaya was once the trading capital of Asia, and arguably also for the rest of the world. Wealthy merchants from all across the globe would journey here to sell their wares and make their fortune. Those lucky enough to see Ayutthaya first-hand spoke of grandiose palaces covered in gold. They spoke of huge towers that dominated the city’s skyline, and of ornate temples and huge monasteries. However, much of the city was destroyed during the Burmese invasion of 1767. So, what’s left to see stands as a poignant reminder of Ayutthaya’s former splendour. It’s also a sombre reminder of one of the most cataclysmic events in Thailand’s history.


2. Floating Markets

The floating markets have become synonymous with Thailand and should be at the top of your list of things to do. If you’ve never experienced a marketplace like this, then be prepared for the hard sell. Many of the market traders won’t take no for an answer and will use every trick in the book to make a sale.  So, get ready to haggle, and be prepared to say ‘no’.

Haggling doesn’t always come easy to British people as it’s not something we do in our own culture. But just keep in mind the expression ‘When in Rome…’ and you’ll be absolutely fine. But, if you fancied a more relaxed experience, you can opt for a guided tour of the floating markets instead. But if you want an authentic Thai experience, we’d recommend doing the former.


3. Khao Yai National Park

This national park is the third largest in Thailand. It also continues to be one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s only three hours drive from Bangkok. Then you’re surrounded by mountainous landscape, verdant forests, lush waterfalls and a diversity of wildlife. It’s the perfect natural retreat for anyone looking to escape from the hectic pace of the inner cities. This activity isn’t for the faint-hearted though as some of the terrain can be pretty tough-going. So, anyone who is planning a trip there should ensure they go prepared.

One trip to Thailand is never enough time to see everything. But it is enough time to fall in love with the people, the culture, and everything that this amazing country has to offer. So, be warned, because once you’ve been there once, you’ll want to keep going back again and again.

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