10 Ways to Kill Time Waiting in an Airport

So you’ve arrived early for your flight, your luggage has been checked and you have the boarding pass in your hand. The only thing standing between you and your next destination is the never ending wait to actually get on your plane. Pretty sure you can relate to suffering through long hours of waiting. It doesn’t have to be a pain staking wait if you do some of these things as you wait…



1. Get Spoilt

Most international airports now boast of having massage and spa shops which you can take advantage if. More so if you are feeling a bit anxious about flying. Getting a spa treatment and a gentle massage is the perfect way to calm down pre-flight jitters.

2. Exercise

Getting stuck between flights is often synonymous with emaciated and sore muscles. Your solution…the gym! Hotels at the airport often have fitness centres that accept day passes from the general public, so you can try and get rid of those bingo wings before your holiday! Some are open all day and night even. If you don’t have gym clothes to change into you can opt for a brisk walk within the terminal. You should always exercise caution when doing this because if you break out into a run you risk getting tacked by airport security.

3. Profile People

Airports always have a sea of people moving from one point to another. A great way to kill time at the airport is by taking an interest in those people milling or waiting around. Put your observation powers to the test by trying to figure out all what you possibly can about someone just by looking at them. Play out scenes in your head when passengers disembarking from the plane are reunited with their loved ones. It might actually cause a few tears to run down your cheeks so don’t forget the tissues.

4. Lounge

Once upon a time the lounge was left for first class passengers only. Times have changed and now you can pay a small amount and make your “home” while waiting around at the airport. Lounges offer spacious comfy seating, plenty of reading material, free Wi-Fi and delicious food and drinks.

Depending on where you are you can even get extra services like showers, movies, a putting green and free draught beer. Usually these extra services are offered at high end lounges for example The Plaza Premium Lounge located in Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

5. Window Shop

You’d think that all you can expect to see at an airport are planes, checking counters and people. You would be wrong if that’s what you think. Nowadays airports operate like huge malls where planes just happen to land and take off. While prices are a bit on the higher side owing to the fact that there is no other place to compare prices with, you can still have your share of shopping fun by testing the latest perfumes or moisturizers or playing with the latest gadgets. You can also go through the latest books and fantasize how it feels to own anything Prada. If you actually have some money to spare you can get a souvenir to take home.

6. Play games on your phone or tablet

What better way to kill time than play angry birds, crossy road or football chairman on your phone or tablet? Alternatively, try your hand at winning some extra holiday spends by playing bingo online? Play at butlers bingo or play at Moon bingo to get the latest games, and stand a chance of winning some extra money to spend on your trip.

7. Relax With Nature

With todays’ airports now becoming a huge concrete jungle it’s a breath of fresh air to find an airport that allows you to sit back and experience green nature. One such airport is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport that has brought part of its rainforest into the airport. Another good example is the Singapore Changi Airport that has a tropical habitat that’s home to the worlds carnivorous plants and butterflies, an orchid filled garden, a koi pond and an exquisite waterfall grotto.

8. Sample The Food

You can always treat yourself to a delicious serving of food that you actually enjoy than actually waiting for the generic food that is usually served on the plane. You can find really good restaurants that serve top notch food in most airports nowadays.

9. Have Some ‘Me’ Time

Airports nowadays have quiet rooms and chapels where you can retreat to have a bit of quiet time. These are perfect if you need some few hours to meditate, pray or just put your thoughts together. The Heathrow Airport in London has Catholic and Anglican chaplains as well as Hindu, Muslim or Jewish representatives on call if you feel like you need some sort of spiritual guidance.

10. Get Playful

The well-known Changi Airport is a perfect example of an airport that does all it can to keep all the passengers entertained. It provides an arts and crafts centre, a kid’s playground, screening rooms where people can watch free movies and a gamer’s arena. If you are really adventurous you can choose from one of their many services and they are sure to help you kill time while waiting at the airport.

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