10 Reasons to Book a Caravan Holiday

Over the last few years, the economy has become much worse, which is the reason many people choose to stay close to home rather than running off to an exotic destination for a holiday. If you are choosing to stay in your own country for your holiday, then there are a few options with regards to accommodation.

You can take your family and go stay in a hotel, you can go camping or you can book a caravan. Having a holiday in a caravan can be very exciting and loads of fun for the entire family. Here are ten reasons why you should opt for a caravan this year.


The view

Nothing could be better than waking up in the morning, sitting on a chair outside your caravan and gazing out over a beautiful lake while you sip on your freshly brewed coffee. Many hotels can also provide you with views such as these, but will end up paying a pretty penny for it. Breakfast on the fire outside definitely beats sitting in a stuffy dining room of a hotel. The kids will also love watching the eggs and bacon bubbling in the pan.

Home cooking

Booking a caravan holiday and making your own food can save you loads of cash, which you can then spend on something else while you are away. Not only will cooking food save you money, it is also much healthier than eating out at restaurants all the time. If you are a vegetarian, then you can at least make sure that you get a well balanced meal out of your caravan kitchen.

Travel insurance

When you choose to go on a caravanning holiday, you don’t have to fork out for travel insurance or worry about your suitcase not turning up at the airport. You should however take out caravan insurance to as this will cover things like repair if your caravan is damaged in transit, recovery to a garage to be fixed and can also cover some contents too if anything is damaged or goes missing. The Caravan Club offers a range of different levels of cover depending on the size & value of your van.

Children love caravans

You will be pleasantly surprised to see just how excited the kids get when they realize that your new temporary home is going to be a caravan. Kids love hotels, but they love caravans even more. Caravans present children with the opportunity to hide and explore, and play a number of games that they would not be able to play in a hotel. Just be sure to keep an eye on them when they are alone in the caravan. Accidents do happen!

Rain? No Problem!

If you go camping and it starts to rain, you often do still end up getting wet, as the water tends to find a way into tents. If you opted for a caravan, then you will stay dry in your mini home and you can enjoy a movie with the kids or play board games while it is pouring outside. When the rain stops, you can carry on with business as usual. Just remember to pack in the games – a caravan with nothing to do can turn into a disaster! If you want to avoid the rain altogether, be sure to check the weather forecast online for the dates you’re thinking of travelling.

Invite the neighbours over

Talk to your fellow caravaners, you never know when you will meet friends! Many people make long-term friends while they are on a caravanning holiday. You will meet many people who have the same love for the outdoors and similar interests while you are on holiday. Why not invite one or two of them over for a BBQ at your temporary home? They may even have kids that are the same age as yours who can play together.

Parking is not a problem

Many hotels charged seriously over inflated rates for the privilege of parking your car there. This is not the case when you go for a caravan instead. You can just park your car next to your rented caravan without having to pay extra. It is also very convenient that you can load up your car, which is only about a meter away when you want to go somewhere. You do not need to worry about dragging baggage down flights of stairs if the elevator does not work – no stairs in the caravan park!

Better caravans

With many more people opting for a caravan holiday, the manufacturers are making more and more improvements to their caravans in order to make your holiday as comfortable as possible. Although renting a caravan is convenient, if you enjoy using one for your holidays, then you may want to invest in one of the new models on the market. Buying your own luxurious caravan can actually end up saving you lots of cash over a period of time.

Treat your friends

Everyone knows how demanding modern day life is, so why not book a larger caravan for your next holiday and invite one or two of your friends along for the trip. It is a great way to spend time with your friends, who you cannot always see on a regular basis. It will not cost you much more to hire a slightly larger caravan and your friends will really appreciate all the effort you have made to give them a break away.

It is a memorable holiday

Taking your family away on a caravan holiday in the middle of nature is a great way to make wonderful memories. The images that you capture on your camera are priceless and can be kept for generations to come.

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