The lure of Espana

There’s a recession on. The ‘staycation’ is in vogue and no-one is going abroad. Right? Wrong! Millions of Brits are still making their annual pilgrimage abroad and they’re still choosing Spain as their number one destination. It offers everything needed for a perfect holiday including value for money. Greece and Turkey follow Spain in popularity amongst British tourists but Spain ... Read More »

5 Great Things You Must Do/See In Barcelona

Barcelona is a really magical seaside city located in Spain. It has endless amounts of culture, legendary architecture, lots of fine dining restaurants and even a great nightlife. You may be looking to learn Spanish, even just some basic stuff before you go, to make your life a little easier when ordering food or asking for directions. There’s plenty of ... Read More »

Top five things to do in Laos

Laos has established a renowned reputation amongst travellers for its engaging culture, fascinating architecture and friendly locals. The beautiful and mysterious land often makes travellers feel as if they’re stepping back into the pages of history, experiencing all the heritage sights and pristine Buddhist temples along the way. Read More »

5 Summer Holiday Ideas For People Who Don't Want To Fly

Not everybody wants to jump on a plane to jet off to the sun. You may be trying to reduce your carbon footprint or have a medical problem that makes flying inadvisable or, perhaps, you simply don’t like it. But that doesn’t mean to say you can’t have a great summer holiday as there are plenty of other options. Messing ... Read More »

5 Swimsuit Trends To Take To The Beach This Summer

For most of us, bikini season can be tough, not just for the sheer act of peeling off our cover-up for the first time all season, but for accepting the challenge of seeking out the right swimsuit for our body shape. Swimwear, after all, is personal, and only you know what you feel comfortable and confident in. Read More »

Ways to Travel in a Green Fashion this Summer

You’re excited and planning a summer vacation. Only this year, your traveling priorities are a little different. You want a memorable trip, but you’d also like to cut your carbon footprint while enjoying your getaway. You’ve learned to save the environment at home by recycling, keeping your utility use at a minimum, and buying eco-friendly products. Now, you’d like to ... Read More »